The future of mobility - why stop at zero?

Join Airbus and the World Economic Forum at the sustainable mobility challenge 2021.


Sorry, the submission period is over. 

Mobility is in transformation, everywhere!


Mobility - a basis for economic prosperity - is in transformation from the core motive force of combustion engines, to hybrids, to several types of electrification. New systems bring opportunities and challenges requiring changes for example in energy supply and infrastructure. 

Airbus in collaboration with the World Economic Forum strive to support mobility-enabled prosperity whilst reducing environmental impact.

We invite you, whether from academia, research, a start-up, an established business or as an individual, to submit a tangible idea that contributes to environmentally neutral or even negative mobility. 

We look for

  • Solutions solving a global issue that many people can connect with
  • Scalable solutions with a positive impact 
  • Ideas with a viable path to a relevant market
  • Highly original ideas

Apply if 

  • You have an idea how to extract greenhouse gases from the atmosphere 
  • You know how to make sustainable mobility changes enjoyable
  • Your future mobility idea increases reusability of ressources 
  • You are a maker and you want sustainable mobility to happen!

Would you like to see idea examples from the Airbus Innovation team?

Confidentiality and IP Management

Why stop at zero? is a global challenge inviting business ideas around future mobility solutions. If your technology advances new mobility, increases efficiency and reduces emissions then this is a chance to put your solution on a global stage. Connect with people and find new  business opportunities with Airbus or other companies!

Should you have IP or confidentiality concerns then please get in touch with us and be assured that we will find a mutual agreement. 

You can download the "Why Stop At Zero Participant Agreement" here.